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Suggestion to improve the MonkeyBizs site
I'm a member of ShowcasePTR since 2007, and joined Monkey Bizs recently using a link on the Family of Sites area of the former.

I think the latter can benefit from its sister site by adjusting some design elements.

For example, when I go to ShowcasePTR's Inbox, the font size is the same as the one used in the main Options menu, while Monkey Bizs' Inbox has a smaller font size. Besides, while ShowcasePTR shows that main menu above the Inbox, Monkey Bizs doesn't.



The same applies to the Monkey Bizs Affiliates Page, whose menu has a smaller font size.


I suggest you use some of ShowcasePTR's site design on MonkeyBizs', so members can have a better experience.

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