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New forum is here - admin - 02-08-2019

Hello Monkeybizzers Rolleyes 

The new forum is ready to go. Please take the time to complete your profile, upload a profile photo (personal or just an avatar). And then introduce yourself here:

Also, check the different sections of the forums, and always post on the right forum or section.

We will have so much fun while you can earn more from our forums, there will be rewards for all your activities here (post, comment, vote, ....) as well as contests and games. Cool

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions/ideas, please feel free to make a new post here:

Happy Earning

RE: New forum is here - 9928 - 02-27-2020

Nice forum Smile

Almost 5 months and just a few posts Sad

Admin- Let's rock this Forum Smile