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Below are the different types of advertising services we provide.
• Guaranteed Visits to Your Website!
• Active Membership Base!
• Easy Ordering System thru Paypal!
• Easy Ad Tracking System!
• Reliable Service • Responsive Webmistress!
• Banner Ads! - Text Ads!
• Solo & Shared Email Ads!
• Contest Ads!
• Tiers PTP/Affiliate Page Friendly!
• No Extra Charge To Customize Your Ad!
• Membership Not Required to Advertise!

Great News!
You no longer have to be a member to advertise with us!

If you are not a member of this site put your username as
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Then to check your ad stats....the link for you stats will be
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We Offer:
Sophisticated tracking solutions.
Get your ads to your targeted audience.
Targeted Email Ads
Guaranteed Visits to Your Site
Paid Per Action Campaigns
Contest Links... And Many More Advertising Options!
Affordable package deals to help advertise small businesses on the web.
You will be set up with an Advertiser Account so you will be able to track your ads stats
We offer many options and are confident, you will find one to fit your needs.

How it works:
  • Click one of our advertisings from below.
  • If this advertise allow targeting - select your target groups.
  • When you are done you will have the price, that you need to pay, calculated.
  • After you have paid for your ad package, please fill out the "Order Form"
    on the last step to complete the advertisement ordering process.
  • Complete all the information requested on the form then click submit.
  • Once your payment has been confirmed, we will process your order immediately.

  • Email Ads that are Targeted by Country will only be sent to these countries:

    Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Ad Packages


Affiliate Page

Affiliate Page (Renewal Only): If you wish to renew an existing Affiliate Page and do not wish to resubmit your ads - Please use the orders here.

If your page has already expired and you wish to renew, please use the links in the Ad Packages Section - HERE

~~Contest PTC~~


~~Tier 1&2 PTC~~

Featured Ad Sponsor
3 Lines plus your website address.
Small button banner (No larger than 200x200)can be used instead of text but not both. Runs on every page of our site!

~~Banner Impressions~~
Your banner inserted into our banner rotation on the top of each page of the website. This is a great way to catch peoples interest, just as much publicity, if not more than, advertising in the member e-Mails. The banners will be displayed on every page of the site, randomly mixed in with other banners..

-- Main Site Banners: Your Banner will be shown on all pages of the site. Standard size banners only. NO PTP LINKS ALLOWED!!

Upgrades Available

Email Ads

PTP Rotator Views
Your ad will be Shown on the PTP rotator. Good for Affiliate Pages, Personal Blogs, Splash Pages.... NO PTP LINKS ALLOWED !

Monkey Room
High paying PTC ads will rotate in our Monkey Room

Cash PTC ads
Cash PTC ads with guaranteed clicks

Hangman Game PTC
Your PTC ads will be on the Hangman Game PTC page

* This ad allows targeting. Price determined after choosing targets.