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We offer you More Than 10 Ways to earn Cash, Points & Rewards! We give you the best experience ever to earn huge. We have: PTC & Email ads, Paid To promote, Affiliate Pages, Free Manual Traffic Exchange, Offer Walls, Tasks, Surveys, Referral Contests, Click Contests, and more added all the time.

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We make sure that you only see ads that are targeted to you. Either by country, or by interests that you already selected in your profile. We also ensure that all junk and expired ads, offers and tasks are removed in a timely manner.

Our advertisers also benifit from this feature. Now you can advertise only to the targeted group of countries, or members based on there interests. This way you don't waste traffic and cash. You get the best results and save on advertising !.

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Of course, we have 5 PTP links for Free Members, and more for Upgraded Members with Up To $0.65 Per 1000 Valid Hits!. Some links can be promoted only on sites from the approved list, others can be promoted anywhere !!. Start earning big with our PTP links, what are you waiting for.

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This is an another important feature that MonkeyBizs provides. We reward our members for all there activities, nomatter how small they are. You get more cash, points and ads/upgrades just for loging in and clicking few ads on a regular basis! Nothing is easier than that!. We have Monthly Click Rewards, Referral Contests, Purchase & Redemption Contests, Auctions, Games, and more.


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